about skorched

Hi. Thanks for being here.

I’m Rick, the founder of Skorched. There's no big story behind the name Skorched. Doesn't really have to be. I spelled the word "scorched" with a "k" and got a short domain. Simple as that.

My career in small business marketing (and everything that comes with it) began in 1990. My forté has always been creative marketing. I’m an idea guy to my core.

Five years later, I heard about this “new” thing called the Internet. I dove in head first and quickly became one of the first known web designers around, but not for long. In the first year, I traveled around the country giving seminars on small business and what the Internet was all about. I wrote books on Internet marketing & HTML, co-wrote books and authored several web-related columns in magazines.

After that, I was in more of an executive position with an emphasis on SEO, Web Design and Marketing. I was in the business, but not nearly as hands-on as before. The actual work almost passed me by.

Fast forward to recently when I made a big decision. My passion is to help small businesses, not huge faceless, thankless corporations. There are many smaller companies that have been trudging along with "business as usual," virtually ignoring this SEO thing they are intimidated by…to their detriment. I can help.

At Skorched, I believe that we simply need to speak to them in plain English FIRST. No techno-babble. No ridiculously long lists of things they need to do every single day. No endless budgets. That would freak anyone out. I want us to build the foundation together and see how that process goes. I believe that they'll be very happy with the results. Almost immediately, actually.

My goals are the same as they were in 1990; Work with like-minded small business owners who want to grow their sales…and profit. We’ll work together. I’ll listen, they’ll listen. We’ll make things happen together.

If you are a business owner seeking some straightforward guidance and help, let's talk. Talking is still free.

I’m looking forward to it.

About Skorched - Rick TracewellAbout Skorched - Rick Tracewell
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